Presentation of the book L’avventura di uno spettatore. Italo Calvino e il cinema. With Nuccio Lodato and Marcello Seregni
Chaired by Lorenzo Rossi (Cineforum web). March 9 2016

Artdigiland has teamed up with the Bergamo Film Meeting (5-13 March 2016) to present the book by Lorenzo Pellizzari, L’avventura di uno spettatore. Italo Calvino e il cinema in its new extended edition produced for Calvino's thirtieth anniversary. The book is presented by Nuccio Lodato (Padua University) and Marcello Seregni (Artdigiland). During the festival Artdigiland will be giving anyone subscribing to the newsletter a copy of the eBook La luce necessaria. Conversazione con Luca Bigazzi, edited by Alberto Spadafora (the eBook can be downloaded at the end of the registration process), and is offering the eBook Il Calendario del Cinema, by Lorenzo Pellizzari (available on at 4 euros instead of 5.90. These offers are also valid for existing subscribers and their friends! Spread the word!